In this tutorial, I will walk you through a GUI application, that keeps the record of the checked-in and out Chromebook devices. It may be used by the public schools or any one else may alter the code and use it free, if it suits their needs.

Let’s get started…

STEM is a big word for almost everybody in the last decade in education. It becomes more and more important in our daily lives that have been shaped pretty much by our children. If you are a teacher, you may be driven by the students you teach.

I’d like to…

Are you ready for creating some custom, open source map for your project? Well, I wasn’t either, however we will start with one tiny step. Let’s get started.

Let’s import the important python libraries that we are going to use in this project. The libraries are “folium”, “pandas” and “geopy”.

Interpolation and F-strings in Python 3.6

Hi! I have come across to another interesting topic in Python 3, especially in the version 3.6 formatting strings take a new turn.

When you initialize any variable, simply you can use it the strings as formatted to a string value, regardless to its latter data type. For examples:


Some special operations of strings in Python

I have got some takeaways on the current topic related to string chapter.

  • None: It is pretty unique and a single variable type that represents the nothingness in the programming language in Python. It is actually the “null” of the python language.
  • Another important and good news is about python…

Dynamic Typing in Python

I had no idea about dynamic typing before starting this online course. I am really glad to learn this topic because it really does make the works easier. Dynamic typing is a way that we can change the type of the variable from integer to string or string to boolean, moreover, we can update the variable type to even integer to float easily.

For example, if you state a variable as x=5, yes it is an integer type. On the next step, you can assign as x = 5.4 then the variable x will be a float type variable in the next step.

Conventional Variable Names and Restrictions in Python

There are few different conventional variable names in programming languages, some are to be followed specifically in Python;

  • snake_case: it is conventionally used in Python, mostly in the place of camelCase variable names.
  • lowercase: variables names are chosen with all lower case letter in Python.
  • CAPITAL_SNAKE_CASE: this kind of variable…

Numerical Operations in Python

Basically, I have started learning from integer and float data types.

  • Order of the operations has crucial importance while involving with math. Python calculator will be calculated according to this order: PEMDAS — Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Division, Addition, Subtraction
  • Data types like; 3,4,5,6,7 such as whole numbers are integers, and…

The first app in Python 3

Yeah, it is the first step to Python though, it is quite simple and just contains a single line of code which introduces the print function.

There is no semi-colon ‘;’ and it is awesome I guess. This function print ‘Hello dear world’.That’s all.

Deleting Directories [Complicated than I expected]

  • rmdir [ Remove directory — Deletes the empty directory. If there is a file inside the directory somehow it gives an error message such as “Directory not empty.”]
  • rm -r [ r stands for “recursive” so if you use this flag like rm -r it will delete everything inside the…

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